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Category: Recovery After Birth

27 September

When should you start exercising after a C-section? So you have just given birth? Congratulations! Giving birth via c-section is a huge deal. It’s going to take a while for you to recover, and that’s OK. Focus on loving your newborn as much as you can as you wait to heal.  If you are anxious […]

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20 September

When should you start pumping if you are nursing? For many nursing moms, knowing when to start pumping and how to keep the momentum going is one of the most challenging things to figure out. Things can get quite difficult when you have to balance your hectic schedule with taking care of a newborn.  In […]

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22 September

The first time you hold your newborn in your arms, you’re going to be so overwhelmed with emotions that it will completely escape your mind that your body has just been put through the ringer. It’ll be a few hours before it starts sinking in just how much discomfort giving birth has brought you. For […]

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