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Category: Premature Babies

29 April

If your baby was born more than 3 weeks early, they are considered premature. Having a preemie baby means you have to adjust your baby’s age to get a true sense of where your little one should be developmentally.      How to calculate your baby’s adjusted age It is important to track the development […]

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18 April

Image source: Baby hand photo created by onlyyouqj – www.freepik.com   A premature baby is any baby that is born more than 3 weeks before the estimated due date. This means that any birth that takes place before week 37 of pregnancy is considered a premature birth.  Because premature babies are still not fully developed, […]

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09 April

Premature babies are babies who are born more than 3 weeks earlier than their estimated delivery date. This means if your little one is born on the 37th week or earlier, they are considered to be premature.  Premature babies will commonly experience a number of health issues. The earlier they are born, the higher the […]

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